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The uMarketingSuite section

When you install the uMarketingSuite we automatically enable a new section in the Umbraco backoffice called 'Marketing'.

If you do not see the Marketing section you probably have not been given access to this section. Setting up access to the Marketing section can be done in the 'Users' section in Umbraco. Ask your administrator if you do not see the Marketing or Users section.

The Marketing sections

If you navigate to the Marketing section you will find a couple of subsections that each give insights into a specific feature of the uMarketingSuite.

At this moment not all sections are enabled, but they will be enabled as the uMarketingSuite evolves. Keep a close eye on the roadmap for new updates.

At this moment the available sections are:

  • Analytics; the most important feature of the uMarketingSuite where all data is collected.
  • A/B Testing; here you can setup a new project and start A/B testing directly
  • Settings; see and setup different global settings that are used in the uMarketingSuite.

The dashboard

On the dashboard you can see which version of the uMarketingSuite in installed at the moment and how the license is configured.

It also contains links to our tutorial videos and the roadmap of the uMarketingSuite.