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Finish an A/B test

You can decide to finish an A/B test at any time. Normally you would end the test if it has been running long enough and you've collected enough data to gain enough confidence.

The uMarketingSuite will let you know when we've collected enough data to make the results statistically significant. We will also tell you if we haven't collected enough data:


But even if we haven't collected enough data you can always create your own judgement of the running A/B Test. In the overview we have an overview of all tests and their performance:

To end a test you can click on "End test". This will open up a confirmation dialog which asks if you want to pick a winner directly or at a later moment. If you want to discuss the results with one of your colleagues or your client for example it makes sense to stop the A/B test not, but to complete it a later moment.


If you select "Stop and complete now" the A/B Test is stopped and you can select with variant was the winner:

You can always pick one of the variants or "My test did not result in a winner". After you confirm your selected winner the overview will show the picked winner:

Also the overview of A/B tests will not show that the A/B Test is stopped and a winner was selected: