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What does the installer do?

The installer runs a script to initialize different pieces of the uMarketingSuite.

  1. It setups all the database tables of the uMarketingSuite. You can recognize the database tables because they are all prefixed with 'uMarketingSuite'.
  2. It add two datatypes to your Umbraco installation in the folder 'uMarketingSuite'
    1. uMarketingSuite - Node picker
    2. uMarketingSuite - Time input
  3. It adds an httpmodule (in code) to your solution to track all requests to your website
  4. It installs the following folders & files
    1. /App_Plugins/uMarketingSuite/*
    2. /Assets/uMarketingSuite/*
    3. /config/uMarketingSuite/*
  5. It adds the Marketing section (via code) to your Umbraco installation and gives every user group access to this section