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Personalization is one of the key features within the uMarketingSuite. In a fully integrated way you can personalize the experience of each of your visitors within Umbraco. 

Getting started with personalization is really easy and you can start within a couple of minutes.

Creating a segment

The first thing you need to do is create a segment. A segment is a group of visitors within your website. Which visitors are in a segment can be defined when setting up the segment.

Personalizing the website for this segment

Once you've created a segment you can personalize the experience of your visitor. This can be done on a specific page, on multiple pages or per document type.

Explicit and implicit personalization

The uMarketingSuite allows you to personalize your Umbraco website via implicit or explicit personalization. To grasp the way the uMarketingSuite handles implicit personalization you can read the article that explains the workings of this. Another option is to see in action in the cockpit view in the frontend of your Umbraco website. 

Extending personalization

If you want to take your personalization to the next level you can always extend the way the personalization in the uMarketingSuite works by default.