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Quick install

Please check the requirements before you start installing the uMarketingSuite.

There are three options to install the uMarketingSuite.

  • Installation via NuGet (recommended approach, works on Umbraco 8 and Umbraco 9)
  • Installation via our.umbraco.com (only works on Umbraco 8)
  • Installation via Packages section (only works on Umbraco 8)

Installation via NuGet

This is probably the preferred way of installing the uMarketingSuite. By installing the uMarketingSuite via NuGet it's a lot easier towards the future to update the uMarketingSuite and control it via version control.

  1. To install the uMarketingSuite via NuGet go to the NuGet package manager in Visual Studio

  2. Search for the uMarketingSuite, select the package and install it in your project

or even you want to use the package manager console, type

PM> install-package uMarketingSuite

Installation via our.umbraco.com

The latest version of the package can be found on https://our.umbraco.com/packages/backoffice-extensions/umarketingsuite-the-all-in-one-marketingsuite-for-umbraco/. Here you can click "Download package" on the topright corner

  1. Once you've downloaded the package got to your Umbraco installation on /umbraco/ and go to the menu-item "Packages". If you do not see the Packages section, please contact your administrator to get access to the Packages section.

  2. In the package section, got to "Install local"

  3. Upload the package and accept the End User License Agreement

Installation via Packages section

The last option to install the package is directly in the backoffice.

  1. Go to the Packages section. If you do not see the Packages section, please contact your administrator to get access to the Packages section.

  2. Search for "uMarketingSuite"

  3. Install the package

Next steps

If you've installed the uMarketingSuite in one of these three ways you can build or restart your website and automatically the Marketing section will appear in the backoffice.

The next step is to configure a license and you're ready to go.

If you have any trouble, please go to Troubleshooting installs.

Really useful stuff to setup

To use all the features in the uMarketingSuite please make sure to also:

And if you want to see how much better the uMarketingSuite is tracking your visitors compared to Google Analytics; you can also install the Google Analytics blocker detection script.