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Generic exit intent popup template

Enjoy this easy-to-use exit intent overlay template and start boosting your marketing activities right away!
No help is needed from a developer, everyone can set this one up. Apply some personalization to make the exit intent overlay  even more relevant for your audience.

Please make sure that you've installed the clientside script of the uMarketingSuite on your website to make sure you can use the full functionality!

The resources needed for this exit intent overlay are shared below the screenshot. 

uMarketingSuite - Leave intent overlay

JavaScript & CSS

Copy and paste this JavaScript into uMarketingSuite and your overlay is ready to go.
Don't be scared to play around with the colors and font properties. If things go wrong, this copy is here to reset your styling ;-)

Download CSS & JavaScript.

Questions or ideas?

Do you have improvements or requests for other templates that you would like to use? Feel free to reach out to contact@umarketingsuite.com. We would love to hear from you!