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Umbraco Cloud "Migration Plan failed at step "AddColumnStoreIndexesForAnalyticsTables" locally


Cloning an Umbraco Cloud instance making use of LocalDB, installing uMarketingSuite on it, and running it fails, causing a Migration Plan failed at step "AddColumnStoreIndexesForAnalyticsTables" issue.


When installing uMarketingSuite on a new Umbraco Cloud instance making use of a LocalDB develoopment database, it may occur that you're getting an "Invalid object name 'uMarketingSuiteAbTestingAbTest'." exception on startup, and when looking at the logs you notice a "Migration Plan failed at step "AddColumnStoreIndexesForAnalyticsTables"" log entry. If you open Umbraco's KeyValue table, you also notice that the last value added for the uMarketingSuite migration row is 'MigrateTimeOfDaySegmentRuleFormat'.


uMarketingSuite couldn't find a valid umbracoDbDSN connectionstring, fails to connect to the database therefor fails to create its nessecary database tables. When using LocalDB, the solution would be to add a connectionstring in your appsettings(.development).json file pointing towards said database.

An example of such string could be:

Data Source=(localdb)\\MSSQLLocalDB;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\\Umbraco.mdf;Integrated Security=True



Last updated:

September 14th, 2023