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Setting up the A/B test

Setting up an A/B test in uMarketingSuite is easy. No need to code, no need for any external tooling; it's all in the tool!

Starting A/B tests can be initiated in two ways:

  • Via the content app on a specific node you can start a single page test, multiple page test or a document type test.
  • Via the marketing section you can start multiple page tests and document type tests.

Via the content app

Go to a specific node in the Umbraco content tree and go to the content app A/B tests. 

Make sure that you have access to this content app. This can be specified per document type and per user group.

If you click on the content app you will have an overview of all the A/B tests that are running and that are finished. Also you have the option to start a new test.

Configuring the A/B test

1. When you start a new test you'll have to specify a name of the test, make it part of a specific testing project and write a description/hypothesis.

2. After that you have to specify the type of test and setup the specific test. It's also possible to preview your variant from here.

3. As a final step you need to specify which goal you want to measure (because in the end it's all about optimizing for this goal) and set the audience that you want to include in the test.

Launching the A/B test

Once you've set everything up you're ready to go. You can preview the final variants and check if everything set up correct.

If that is the case you can start the test immediately, or schedule it for a later moment.