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Troubleshooting Analytics

On this page we give some guidance on troubleshooting your Analytics setup.

Help! My analytics module is not tracking any page requests?!

First of all; stay calm, there's no need to panic (at this moment)! Let's go through the setup step-by-step.

Step 1. Check your date range setting

When you open the Analytics reporting the first time the date range load the last 7 days of data, by default. That default date range does not include today! If you've just installed the uMarketingSuite and experiment with it, you should set the date range to any other range that includes today. You can do that by clicking on the date range on the top right corner of your Analytics report.

Step 2. Check your license

The uMarketingSuite only stores page requests if you have a valid license. You can obtain your license in your uMarketingSuite.com profile or via www.umarketingsuite.com/pricing/

Once you've obtained your license, you can set it up by following the documentation

The license will only work for the domains that are listed in the license and in your dashboard.If you go to the section 'Marketing' in Umbraco you see your license and the domains. Please be aware that domains should match exactly; www.umarketingsuite.com and umarketingsuite.com are two different domains!

Step 3. Check your IP filters

It's possible in the uMarketingSuite to filter specific IP addresses and IP ranges. These can be setup in the Settings section of the uMarketingSuite. 

If you current IP address is stored in the list of IP filters your page requests will not be stored and no data will show up in the uMarketingSuite.

Step 4. Check your statistics in Umbraco

We've added a really nice dashboard in Umbraco to see when the last record was stored, and the last record was processed. See our documentation on the dataflow pipeline if you can't remember the difference between stored and processed data.

If you go to the section 'Marketing', to 'Settings' and to the tab 'Statistics' you see an overview of when the last data was stored, and when the last data was processed.

The last stored record should be pretty recent, if you recently visited the frontend of the website. It depends a bit on your settings (because of performance) whether this is shown instantly, or if it's stored after a short time period.

The same is true for the Last processed record.

Step 5. Check your rawpageview table

If everything is setup correctly the Analytics tracking should work. If you still don't see any data popup then we need to get our hands dirty and dive into the database!

All (raw) pagerequests are stored in the table 'uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsRawPageview'. Open the table and see if there are any records stored in here. If you browse through your website you should see a new record in this table per pagerequest.

Step 6. Check the processing columns of your rawpageview table

If there are records in the table 'uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsRawPageview' you should look at the columns processingStarted, processingFinished, processingMachine, processingFailed and exception. Is there any suspicious data in here?

The column processingStarted shows whether the uMarketingSuite tried to process the raw data and the column processingFinished shows whether the processing finished. If these two are filled, and there's nothing in the column 'exception' we're okay over here.

Step 7. Check your processed tables

Uptil now we've researched that the storage of the raw data is working correctly. Final step is to look into the processed tables and find out if there's anything strange over here. Most tables that start with uMarketingSuiteAnalytics* are processed tables. You could take a look at uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsPageview, uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsPage and uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsSession. There should be data in these tables.

Step 8. Get into contact with us!

If you followed all the steps above then there's something fishy is going on. Please reach out to us so we can hopefully help you to set it up correctly.

No matter how you get into contact with us, please report the following information:

  • Confirm that you've read this documentation and followed all the steps
  • Describe the scenario you're following. Which exact urls did you visit and what did you expect. With which nodes in Umbraco do they correspond.
  • Send over the Umbraco version you're using, and the version of the uMarketingSuite (did you try to upgrade to see if it fixes your problem?)
  • Any specifics about your installation (was it a fresh Umbraco installation, or a custom setup for a client?)

If you're an uMarketingSuite partner or have a paid license: Please email us on contact@umarketingsuite.com.

If you're using an dev license: Please report your issue on the Our Umbraco forum!