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Boot failed when updating to uMarketingSuite 1.15


Installing uMarketingSuite 1.15 on a (live) environment with a large uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsPageview table ( > ~ 10.000.000 rows) will fail with the error message "Boot failed".

Detailed error message:

Umbraco.Core.Exceptions.BootFailedException: Boot failed: Umbraco cannot run. See Umbraco's log file for more details.

-> Umbraco.Core.Exceptions.BootFailedException: Boot failed.

-> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.


at uMarketingSuite.Web.Migrations._2021_11_03.AddIncludesToPageviewSessionIdIndex.Migrate() in D:\projecten\uMarketingSuite\uMarketingSuite.Web\Migrations\2021-11-03\AddIncludesToPageviewSessionIdIndex.cs:line 21



The Index on the table uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsPageview is updated in uMarketingSuite 1.15. Updating a index on a large table will trigger a rebuild of the Index which will take time on larger tables / smaller SQL instances. Sometimes this will cause a SQL timeout.


  1. Before updating, add or edit the ConnectionTimeout property and set it to for example 300 seconds in the database connection string.
  2. Update the environment with uMarketingSuite 1.15
  3. After a successful update, remove the ConnectionTimeout property or edit the ConnectionTimout property and set the timeout value back to it's previous value.


This is fixed in uMarketingSuite 1.18

Last updated:

May 9th, 2022