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Infrastructure sizing

To determine the optimal infrastructure sizing the most important metric is the number of page views you will need to process. Also peak load is an important factor.

uMarketingSuite recommends the following infrastructure sizes when using a non-cloud environment:

100.000 page views per month or less:

  • DB server: CPU 2, 8 GB RAM, 50GB disk

500.000 page views per month or less

  • DB server: CPU 4, 16 GB RAM, 100GB SSD disk

1.000.000 page views per month or less

  • DB server: CPU 8, 32 GB RAM, 250GB SSD disk

1.000.000 page views per month or more

Using a cloud environment (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS).

Because of the rapidly changing naming and sizing of Azure and AWS instances we recommend to use the appropriate supplier tools to determine the exact sizing based on the above non-cloud recommendations.
In general for Azure SQL use at least a S3 instance for production purposes.

Note: above you will find general recommendations which infrastructure parameters to use. While these should work well for most cases, you may need to adjust the infrastructure parameters to suit your page view processing workload. Very large or heavily trafficked websites may have significantly higher requirements.