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Types of clients

Version 1.21 and newer

In versions 1.21 and newer of uMarketingSuite we only track 'real' visitors and discard any visit we determine to be from a bot. The data for bot visits is no longer stored in uMarketingSuite and thus can not be viewed in the analytics section with the bot tab for reporting.

The tracking of a visitor is done with the following steps:

  • DeviceDetector.NET will assess if the visitor is a bot or a 'real' visitor
  • If it's a 'real' visitor then the page will send a POST request to umbraco/umarketingsuite/pagedata/ping record a visit
  • If they are deemed a bot, they won't make this request

Prior to version 1.21

In versions older than 1.21 The uMarketingSuite automatically classified every visitor of the websites in two groups: Bots and "Real" visitors.

This is done by using DeviceDetector.NET

With the uMarketingSuite we do not filter any traffic from your website. We only classify them. This classification is used in our Analytics reports. We do not show any bot-traffic within Analytics, only real visitors.

The obvious exception is of course the bots-tab in Analytics 😉!