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Sending data to the GTM Datalayer

uMarketingSuite provides a partial view that will push variables related to A/B testing and Personalization to the Google Tag Manager data layer.

The following variables are pushed:

  • inabtest - true if the visitor participates in an A/B test that is currently active on the page, otherwise false.
    • Note this will also be true if the visitor is assigned to the "A" variant which is the original page.
  • abtestname - The name of the A/B test the current visitor is a participant in. If there is no active A/B test, the value will be null
  • personalized - true If a personalisation is applied to the page for the current visitor, otherwise false.
  • personalizationname - The name of the active personalization. If there is no active personalization the value will be null.

The partial view can be rendered using the following line in your Razor template: