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What is measured by default

If you install the uMarketingSuite we will automatically collect a lot of data for you. 

Serverside the following data is tracked:

  • The url of the visited page (/foobar/)
  • The querystring of the visited page (?filtering=on&parameter1=2)
  • The variant of the page that we server (this could be a personalized version of the page, or one of the A/B-test variants)
  • The time that the page was visited (31 august 2021, 16:04:22)
  • Where the visitor came from before this pagevisit (the so-called referrer). This could be an internal webpage (/my-contentpage/) or an external url (www.umbraco.com/the-umarketingsuite-rocks/)
  • Which browser is being used (Firefox), which Operating System is used (Windows) and which type of device is being used (Desktop). These datapoints are based on the useragent-string that any browser is sending
  • The IP address ( or anonymized IP address (, depending on your configuration.

With this data that we collect we can visualize a lot of all the Analytics reports in the uMarketingSuite. Also it allows us to calculate a lot of other metrics like conversion rates, bounce rates, landing & exit pages.

If you include the clientside collection script as well, we can also capture behavioural data of your visitors.