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Setup goals

Goals are the most important part of the uMarketingSuite (or even in life :)?). Without goals personalization, a/b testing & tracking analytics does not make any sense. Personalization is never the goal; the goal is to increase your goals and that can be achieved by personalization or a/b testing.

In the Goals menu you can setup goals and specify their value.

First of all you have a complete overview of all of your goals that are currently setup:

From this page you can edit existing goals or setup new goals.

Setting up a new goal

When you click on "Create new goal" you can setup a new goal. You have to specify a name and optional a goal value. 

You can specify whether it's a micro or macro goal. A macro goal should be used for the "bigger things" in your webste like a purchase or filling in a contact form. Micro goals are smaller / less important things like "Reaching the contact page" or "Clicking open a FAQ". These micro goals should eventually contribute to macro goals. In the uMarketingSuite we always keep track of the macro goals, for example during A/B Tests. Perhaps you micro goal is increased, but it hurts your macro goal. In that case the uMarketingSuite will give you a warning.

You can specify whether you want to increase or decrease the goal. Most of the times you want to increase your goal, but if you list "Unsubscribing from a newsletter" as a goal you would normally want to lower that goal.

Finally you can specify how the goal will be triggered:

  • Via a pageview / set of pages that are visited
  • Via a page event that can be triggered
  • Via an Umbraco Forms submission
  • Via some custom code