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At one moment in time it's probably not important anymore who clicked on what exact link at what time and with which browser. For short term Analytics that is relevant and you want to personalize the website or webpage based on that behavior, but in the long term this is far less important. But still aggregated data is still important so you can compare for example the number of visitors in the last two years with the data of the two years before that.

That is why the uMarketingSuite gives you the ability to anonymize your data. By anonymizing the data the data is unlinked from the specific session and visito, but the data remains stored.

Let's take a look at a example:

Before anonymization you can see that visitor X has visited your website four times. On the first visit the visitor visited webpage w1 and w2, scrolled down on both of them to 80% of the page length. That visit was on a iPhone with Safari. Three days later the visitor came back and saw webpage w1 again and made a purchase on w3. This visit was with Firefox on a Windows computer.

After anonymization you can not relate the individual visits of the webpages or the browser to visitor X any longer. But if you go to the Analytics reports of visits, browsers and scrolldepths you still see the exact same number as before the anonymization.

So this is perfect and privacy friendly!

The uMarketingSuite recommends to anonymize your data after two years or sooner. The sooner the better, because how relevant is a click on a specific link of more than a year ago? Probably you do not want to personalize your website based on that click.