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Note: This feature is no longer available in uMarketingSuite as of version 1.21

The uMarketingSuite has the unique possibility to see which bots visit your website and how often. This is due to the possibility of serverside tracking that uMarketingSuite uses by default.

In the Analytics section you'll find a tab called 'Bots' where are the bots that visited your website or webpage are listed.

Over there you can find all your favourite bots passing by your website. 

You can click on every bot to see specific details. For example if you click on Googlebot you can see how often the desktop bot of Google comes by your website, how often the desktop spider comes by and also other bots that Google uses for site verification, image spidering and advertisements.

Finally you can drilldown even further and see which specific pages the bot browses.

How to use this information?

The bots reporting reveals data that you've never seen before. By analyzing how often bots come by you can adapt your SEO efforts and show that these efforts are working. It's a great way to optimize your website for SEO purposes. For example; Google only reserves a specific set of crawl budget for your website (see https://www.contentkingapp.com/academy/crawl-budget/ for more information). If you see that the Googlebot is coming by more frequently you can state that your link building or other SEO efforts are working. 

Also you can easily detect which pages are crawled by the bot. Maybe you're wasting lots of crawling budget to let Google spider your Disclaimer or Cookies-page that are usually listed in the footer of every page. Normally this is not something you want to be crawled that often. By optimizing this in your website, you can use the uMarketingSuite to verify whether your optimizations work.

Mobile first indexing

Another good example is Googles mobile first index strategy (see https://developers.google.com/search/mobile-sites/mobile-first-indexing). With the uMarketingSuite it's really easy to see what the ratio of indexing between the desktop and mobile bots is. This can give you information about how mobile friendly your website is (or at least how Google sees this).