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Database tables

Data is at the heart of the uMarketingSuite. All this data is stored in several database tables and when the uMarketingSuite is installed it creates more than 40 tables to store all this data in a efficient and normalized way.

All data that is used by the uMarketingSuite is stored in table that are prefixed with 'uMarketingSuite'.

Within these tables there are some more prefixes that specifies for which feature the table is used:

  • The prefix 'uMarketingSuiteAnalytics' is used for all tables that are responsible for Analytics.
  • The prefix 'uMarketingSuiteAbTesting': These tables are used for all A/B testing functionality.
  • The prefix 'uMarketingSuitePersonalization' is used for all tables that are used for Personalization.
  • And finally there is a table uMarketingSuiteLock that can be used for all features.