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Configuration options

There are quite some configuration options within the uMarketingSuite. Most of these settings are stored in the configuration file of the uMarketingSuite. This configuration file can be found in /config/uMarketingSuite/umarketingsuite.config.

If you open this file with your favourite texteditor you've all kinds of options that you can set. If you afterwards save the file you should touch the web.config (which restarts your website!) in order to make sure these new settings are used.

The configuration file will look this:

<SearchBoxParameters />
<CategoryParameters />

All these settings are also visualized in the uMarketingSuite. This overview can be found in the section 'Marketing' => Settings => Configuration

You cannot change any of the settings over here and that is by design. To use the new settings the website must be restarted (by touching the web.config) and that is not something that we wanted to make possible via the Umbraco backoffice.

All settings

Section 'Settings'

Key Label Type / possible options Default value Helptext Additional information
DatabaseConnectionStringName Database connectionstring Text umbracoDbDSN In this database the data of the uMarketingSuite will be stored. By default this is the same database as Umbraco is stored, but this could be set to another database instance  
Enabled Enabled True / False True If you want to disable the uMarketingSuite you can set this setting to False. Possible options: true and false. The killswitch of the uMarketingSuite. By setting this property to 'False' the uMarketingSuite will not do anything with regards to storing and processing.

Section 'Analytics'

Key Label Type / possible options Default value Helptext Additional information
ExpirationInDays Expiration (in days) Integer
> 0
365 365

This specifies the default expiration days of the cookie of the visitor. It is a sliding expiration. Every visit the cookies is reinitialized with this expiration.

CookieName CookieName Text uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsVisitorID The name of the cookie that is set to track a visitor.  
IncludeSubdomains Include subdomains True / False False This setting defines whether subdomains can use the cookie as well. By default only the exact domain can use the cookie.  
AnonymizeIPAddress Anonymize IP Address True / False True Indicates whether the IP Address of the visitor is anonymized. When it is anonymized the last octet of an IPv4 IP address or last 80 bits of a IPv6 address is set to zeros. The last part of the IP address is set to zero. For example; Storign a full IP address (by setting this option to 'False') is not GDPR-compliant! You cannot store that without the consent of the visitor.
ServerSideTrackingEnabled Is serverside tracking enabled? True / False True When serverside tracking is enabled all requests of a visitor are enabled on the server. If disabled, you should include the clientside analytics script to enable tracking  
AutomaticSearchTracking Is automatic search tracking enabled? True / False True Internal site searches are automatically tracked based on the specified querystring parameters. When set to false, you will need to include javascript or C# calls to track searches  
Searchtermparameter The searchterm  querystring parameter Text q This querystring parameter indicates the part in the url that holds the searchterm  

The searchbox querystring parameter

Text <empty> When there are multiple searchboxes on one page this parameter can be used to indicate which searchbox was used  
CategoryParameter The searchterm  category parameter Text <empty>

If there is an option to search within a specific category, this querystring parameter indicates the category.

FlushRateInRecords Flushrate (in records) Integer
> 0
25 When this number of records is reached in memory it will be sent from memory to the database.  
FlushIntervalinSeconds Flush interval (in seconds) Integer
> 0
30 When this number of seconds is reached, the data in memory will be sent to the database.  

Number of days that raw data is stored

> 0
7 The number of days that raw data is stored in the database. Raw data is relatively big and is not needed anymore once it is processed. Only if you want to reprocess data at a later moment it can be useful to set to a higher number.  

Dataprocessing interval (in records)

> 0
10 Indicates the number of records that will be processed per batch  
IntervalInSeconds Dataprocessing interval (in seconds) Integer
> 0
30 The setting specifies the interval that is used to process records. By default every 30 seconds the rawdata table is checked wheter there are any records to process  
SessionLengthInMinutes Session length (in minutes) Integer
> 0
30 Specifies which seperate page requests of one visitor are linked together to one session  
AnonymizeDataAfterDays Anonymize data after (in days) Integer
> 0
730 Specifies the maximum number of days that individual page requests can be linked to a specific visitor. After these days the data is still available (for aggregate reporting for example) but cannot be linked to the individual visitor anymore.  
DeleteDataAfterDays Delete data after (in days) Integer
> 0
1460 After this number of days the data will be deleted from the database  
IsProcessingServer Is a processing server? True / False True Indicates whether this server is the processing server. For performance optimization the processing of the data could be outsourced to another server. Processing is done on the raw data. Possible options: true and false.  

Section 'A/B Testing'

Key Label Type / possible options Default value Help text Additional information
MinimumPercentageForAdviceWithPredictedRuntime Minimum percentage of visitors to give advice when a runtime was predicted Integer
> 0
25 This percentage of visitors should be reached before the uMarketingSuite gives any advice about a running AB Test.  
MinimumHoursForAdviceWithoutPredictedRuntime Minimum hours before an advice is given when no runtime was predicted Integer
> 0
48 After this number of hours the uMarketingSuite tries to give an advice about a running AB Test when no runtime was predicted when creating the test. This happens when no analytics data was available when creating a new test. For example when you are testing a new website  
MinimumPercentageMacroGoalWarning Minimum percentage before a macro goal warning is given Integer
> 0
10 Indicates the threshold of a macro goal warning. If the macro goal conversion is decreased/increased with this percentage a warning is given that the AB Test is harming the macro goal.  
ShareDataLevel Share data level? None / Minimum / Medium Minimum

Specifies if any data of the AB Tests is anonymously shared with the uMarketingSuite to optimize the functionality.


None: No data is shared
Minimum: The number of tests and the number of variants is shared
Medium: The number of tests, the number of variants, and screenshots of the variants are shared to inspirate other people in the community.
This option is not in use at this moment!

Section 'Profiles'

Key Label Type / possible options Default value Help text Additional information
Potential/ActiveThresholdInDays   Integer
> 0
30 This threshold specifies in which period the profile is considered active.  
Potential/EngagedThresholdInSeconds   Integer
> 0
300 This threshold specifies when a profile is consided engaged. If the profile is higher than this number of seconds engaged, the profile potential (on a detailpage of the profile) will show that the profile is engaged.  
Potential/EngagedThresholdNumberOfSessions   Integer
> 0
3 This threshold specifies the number of last sessions of a profile that are taken into account.  
Identification/Name   Text {{name}}

Template for the name of a member in the profile section. This is an AngularJS template expression that can use custom member properties. 

Identification/Abbreviation   Text {{name[0]}}

Template for the abbreviation of a member in the profile section. This is an AngularJS template expression that can use custom member properties. 

Identification/ImagePropertyAlias   Text avatar

The property alias of the member property containing an avatar image of the member.